Efficient solutions


Minimising energy loss

The key link
The overall efficiency and service life costs of any district cooling system are heavily dependent on how efficiently the cooling liquid is transported from the central facility to each building and structure where it is used. 

Any emission reductions you achieve by cooling liquids efficiently at a central location, or by exploiting waste heat from CHPs or industrial facilities, get wiped out if thermal energy then goes to waste en route from the supplier to the individual user and back. This is where the benefits of LOGSTOR pre-insulated pipe technology kick in.

LOGSTOR pre-insulated pipe systems make sure the cooling liquid gets from one point to another and back with no leaks and with the absolute minimum of thermal energy loss, even over long distances. This enables you to significantly reduce the CO2 emissions associated with any district cooling solutions you provide.




The core of the matter
The key to this capability is the unique LOGSTOR insulation technology, applied under consistent, carefully monitored factory conditions. Effective, robust insulation results in consistent energy retention performance. And this makes sure there are only minimal energy losses between the supplier and user ends of the pipe.

This well-proven technology, backed by our know-how and experience in implementing it effectively, helps ensure rapid, on-budget installation with no hold-ups, followed up by extremely low - and reliably predictable - service and maintenance costs for both operating companies and end-users.

Using LOGSTOR pre-insulated pipe technology enables you to exploit district cooling project opportunities to the full, with the additional benefit of being able to provide significant reductions in environmental impact, compared with other traditional comfort cooling solutions.

Everyone benefits, because conserving thermal energy is one of the most effective ways to minimise the environmental impacts of the way we live.