District heating


170.000 km and still counting...

LOGSTOR pre-insulated pipe systems enable you to optimise every single aspect of the design, implementation and maintenance of your infrastructure for moving liquids from A to B by pipe.

Our focus extends right from the overall energy and environmental agendas to every single detail of on-site installation.

Easy installation
You make major savings on installation costs, because the entire laying process is streamlined, and the jointing systems are easy, rapid and foolproof to use.

This means you can tackle any unforeseen on-site problems quickly.

 No weak points
We supply pipe systems that give you documented durability as well as maintaining complete thermal integrity throughout their minimum 30-year service life. Every single component is designed and tested to ensure corresponding durability, with comprehensive quality documentation from factory to site.

On-site efficiency
We produce all LOGSTOR components in stringently monitored, controllable factory environments, ready for easy installation. By comparison, having the pipes insulated traditionally on site is expensive, time-consuming and often results in poor quality, with higher energy and maintenance costs to follow. 

Effective planning
You have full access to our unique capabilities in managing the entire process of planning, design, training, installation, maintenance and all aspects of systems integration. And your end-user customers benefit all down the line.

Minimal maintenance
LOGSTOR solutions require hardly any maintenance. A range of monitoring technologies is available to let you check the exact state of your pipe system at any time. This also enables you to detect any faults in time to avoid serious damage or major downtime. Any maintenance is easy, rapid and effective.

The unique LOGSTOR insulation technology means you can be sure that what goes in at A is what comes out at B, with virtually no energy loss. This results in big savings on your energy costs.

Full documentation
LOGSTOR is unique in being able to provide you with end-to-end documentation of the unparalleled effi ciency and high quality of our systems.

Total Cost of Ownership = initial investment + installation costs + operating costs. The initial purchase price of LOGSTOR systems may be higher, but the fi nancial benefi ts begin with planning and installation, and accelerate throughout their extended service life. Your financial advantage only increases as energy costs escalate.

Environmentally responsible
The exceptional thermal effi ciency of LOGSTOR systems enables you to comply with both national and international environmental legislation – current and future. Using LOGSTOR pre-insulated pipes helps you achieve a positive profi le regardless of the agendas you may be confronted with.

Centrally heated
District heating provides entire communities with energy-effi cient heating from one central source, such as CHP excess heat, via a network of branching pipes. These pipes are critical for how reliably and effi ciently you, as a district heating provider, can deliver heat to the end-user, the overall quality of the service you are able to provide and the operating costs this service involves.

Renewable energy
LOGSTOR pipe systems are also suited for smaller-scale district heating installations based on renewable energy sources such as biomass and the sun.