LOGSTOR can deliver 3 different bend types dependent on dimension, the type of the project and the customer's actual requirements.

Bend fitting for foaming

  • Bend fitting, steel, 2-part ø 90-315 mm. Standard 7.5o, 15o, 45o and 90o
  • SXB-bend joint, type SXB, ø 90-315 mm, 0-90o

Pre-insulated bend

  • Pre-insulated bend ø 90-1200mm. Standard 45o and 90o

Curved pipe
Curved pipes (ø out. steel pipe):

  • On-site curved pipes ø 26.9-88.9 mm
  • Curved pipes (step of 1o or 2o) ø 114.3-610 mm

SXB Bend