With the best insulation, LOGSTOR produces the most heat efficient pre-insulated pipes in the world.

Combining this with the widest scale of joints for pipesystems designed to give the shortest possible distance and smallest amount of bends, LOGSTOR gives the customers the possibilities for using the best product with the lowest price.

Complete system

LOGSTOR pre-insulated pipe systems include all the joints, bends, branches and valves necessary to construct an end-to-end pipe system for moving liquids, to meet all local needs and specific requirements.

Every single component is designed to ensure that there are no weak points anywhere in the system. The energy-saving properties are as consistent as possible, and the design ensures easy, rapid installation at minimum cost.

Types of pipe systems currently available

  • the Single Pipe system
  • the TwinPipe system
  • the FlexPipe system
  • the CopperPipe system

Curved pipes with diameters up to DN800 are available for all systems.

LOGSTOR pre-insulated pipe systems are designed specifi cally to keep energy loss to the absolute minimum. The systems include pipes with three variable insulation thicknesses as standard, to meet different heat retention requirements.

Any energy loss from a pipe system will have a relatively high cost impact. A special diffusion barrier is therefore available as standard for fl exible pipes and as an option for straight single pipes. This keeps the insulation properties of the pipes constant throughout their entire service life.


1: The weldable system

  • a computer-controlled welding process melts the joint and casing together into one unbreakable, sealed unit.

2: The shrinkable system

  • the joint (installed before the pipe is welded) is heat-shrunk onto the casing. This involves only one single joint and one foaming procedure for each joint, bend and branch.

3: The mechanical system

  • this is installed on site and involves only one single joint and one foaming procedure for each joint, bend and branch.

Monitoring systems
LOGSTOR pre-insulated pipes have copper wires running through the insulation. These sensors can be linked to electronic monitoring systems that identify the exact location if the service pipe, insulation or the casing suffers any form of damage.