As the only manufacture in the world LOGSTOR offers 3 different kind of casing joint system, which is optimized for different needs and environments

The Welded system 
The Welded system includes the BandJoint weldable jointing system, which is designed to remain sealed, to provide maximum safety and durability and at the same time keep heat loss to the absolute minimum. The system is centred around a computer-controlled thermoplastic welding process, providing joints of unparalleled strength that set signifi cant new benchmarks in dependability.

The Shrink system
The Shrink system includes the SXJoint, which is designed to provide maximum safety and durability, and at the same time keep heat loss to the absolute minimum. The SX casing joint is made of cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) and designed to take full advantage of the special properties of this extremely resilient and durable material, and therefore remains sealed throughout its entire service life.

The Mechanical system
Joints are always going to be the weak point in a pre-insulated pipe system – it’s inevitable. LOGSTOR, the market leader in this fi eld, has therefore applied the full weight of its technology and experience to tackling this situation. The SteelJoint system is one of these options. It is diffusion tight and designed to remain sealed and to provide the greatest possible degree of safety and
durability as well as to keep heat loss to the absolute minimum.

LOGSTOR district heating joint system

 Parameter  Welded System

Shrink System Crosslinked*

 Mechanical System
   Band  EW  SX  BX

 Steel Joint

Dimensions  Ø 90-200 mm
Ø 225-800 mm
Ø 900-1200 mm
 Ø 200-1000 mm.  Ø 90-450 mm.  Ø 90-630 mm

 Ø 77-315 mm













 Closed    x  x  x


 Foaming  x  x  x    x
 Insulation shells        x  
 Leakage tests  x  x  x    x
 Normal soil and
operational conditions
 x  x  x  x  x
 Groundwater table
over the pipes
 x  x  x  x  
 Frequent axial
movement, EN 13941
 x  x  x  x  
 Strongly acid soil  x  x  x  x  
 Bacterialy active dumps  x  x  x  x  
 Young lake or
Sea deposits
 x  x  x  x  
 Crossing streams  x  x      
 Groundwater table
more than 0.5 m
over the pipes
 x  x      
 Oil-polluted soil  x  x      
 EN 489  x  x  x  x  x
 No previous installation
on the pipes prior to welding
 x        x
 Suiteable for repairs  x        x
 Implemented in one
work operation
 PUR-foam knowledge
not required
 Installed on cold pipes  x  x  x  x  x
 Installed on hot pipes        x  
 Certified fitter  x  x  x  x  x
 Service car og trailer
with special tools
 x  x      
 Simple hand tools +
gas burner + plug welder
     x  x  
 Simple hand tools          x
 * Additional LOGSTOR offers a PE Shrink Joint, B2S, which is a closed joint to be preinstalled, leakage tested and foamed. This joint includes the dimensions ø500-1000 mm.