Solar pipes


Pre-insulated pipe system for solar power

The LOGSTOR SolarPipe pre-insulated pipe system enables you to get the most out of any commercial solar panel installation by transporting the heated water to where it’s needed, with no energy wasted.

Installation is quick and easy, does not require welding, and you only need a few different components to deal with the entire range of pipe sizes and fitting specifications.

Getting solar heat to where it’s needed
Effective solar panels are only part of commercial solar power installations. It is important to minimize the energy loss while transporting the hot water to the consumption place – often a heat exchanger or absorption equipment elsewhere in the building.

The LOGSTOR SolarPipe system is the perfect answer. It makes it possible to transfer heat over considerable distances with hardly any energy loss. And the system remains just as effective at retaining heat throughout its entire service life.


solar_front.jpg Esthetic pipe installation on the rooftop
of the OBH building in Odense

These unique pre-insulated pipes are also easy and fast to install in and on any building, with only a few components needed to deal with the entire range of pipe sizes and fitting specifications.

The pre-insulated advantage
LOGSTOR is the world’s largest manufacturer of preinsulated pipe systems. The main element in these systems is the unique insulation made of cyclopentane-blown, CFC-free polyurethane cellular foam that completely encloses the service pipe. This provides a consistently dense layer of supremely effective thermal protection, and therefore keeps any heat loss to the absolute minimum.

This insulation is applied as a fully integrated part of the manufacturing process, under perfectly controlled factory conditions. This ensures complete consistency and top quality that results in a considerably extended service life.