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Where it goes
LOGSTOR SolarPipe pipes can be used with any trademark of solar panels, in any kind of installation. The SolarPipe system is designed for easy installation in commercial and industrial buildings such as offices, hotels, apartment blocks and shopping centres. It is equally suitable for pipe runs inside and outside a building.

The durability of these unique preinsulated pipes and the ease of installation means that they can be installed in relatively inaccessible and hidden places, because the insulation does not need to be renewed or maintained.

solar_how_1.jpgInspection of installation on Terminal 4 in Barcelona Airport

How it works
LOGSTOR SolarPipe pipes are available in 5-metre lengths, with a 18–54 mm copper service pipe inside an outer casing 90 or 110 mm in diameter. The service pipe
sections are joined using only a pressure coupling and an electrical tool.

The short casing sections used to insulate around these joints consist of open half-shells and a shrinkable collar. This collar is heated and shrunk into place around the shells and the casing sections in order to complete the outer casing and make it weatherproof and waterproof.

solar_how_2.jpgFast, reliable and durable SolarPipe installation in Barcelona airport

What it’s used for
The solar panels heat the water in the pipes to temperatures as high as 150°C. This heat energy can then be used for a wide range of heating and cooling purposes.
Using LOGSTOR SolarPipe pipes on both forward and return pipe runs makes it possible to use heat exchangers to exploit temperature differences to the full. And to significantly reduce the energy consumption and costs that stem from the many services and utilities now commonly used on commercial and industrial premises.

No heat loss
The exceptional thermal effi ciency of the LOGSTOR SolarPipe pipe system enables the owners and users of commercial premises to make the most of the solar energy provided by solar panels. The system makes sure the energy acquired in the form of heat can be moved to where it is needed, with virtually no loss en route, regardless of the length or complexity of the pipe system, or where it is installed.

Strong and durable
The service pipe, the insulation around it and the outer casing are manufactured as one integrated unit, under carefully monitored factory conditions. The highly resilient PE-HD polyethylene outer casing is designed to cope with the effects of ultra-violet light, weather and climate and installation surroundings, as well as normal wear and tear.

This drastically reduces through-life costs for solar panel piping, to the benefi t of building owners and operators.

Easy to install
The LOGSTOR SolarPipe system is designed to be easy and fast to install using only a minimum of manpower – who need no special skills. This makes it easy to plan and cost an installation project, avoiding hidden surprises. It also makes it easy for installers to deal with on-site adjustments in planned pipe runs, without
needing special components. It also paves the way for installers to use new, cheaper and faster solutions for pipe routing, and providing architects and
consulting engineers with greater freedom of manoeuvre for design and configuration.

Minimum of inventory
Using the LOGSTOR SolarPipe system, it only takes a limited number of components to deal with the full spectrum of installation specifications. This enables wholesalers and stockists to meet installers’ requirements quickly and easily, while carrying only a minimum of inventory and reducing logistics costs.